Home for the Holidays

Home For The Holidays.


Just hearing these words can conjure up the most pleasant array of images….sights, sounds and even aromas. Most of us can instantly picture the warmest memories of holidays gone by. In a matter of seconds we seem to be transported back to a different time and place, familiar yet so far back in our recollection, that there are only flashes of the scenes that have now settled into the coziest corners of our minds. When we pause to entertain these fond memories, the feeling of warmth radiates through us. Someone looking in our direction may even notice that a smile has gently taken over our expression.Wouldn’t it be great to get caught in this place, even for just a little while. Long enough to relive the feelings that we remember so fondly of that timeless love, joy and happiness. 

I catch myself musing in that place. At first, enjoying the journey revisited and then inevitably slide back to the here and now. I push away the feeling of disappointment as I become aware of reality again. I realize that as much as I would like them to be, those moments are gone and will never be the same. 

For many of us, what we picture as that warm holiday feeling has changed dramatically. Perhaps we have lost a loved one, or had dramatic changes in our life circumstances, such as divorce or separation from those that we love. Naturally, some of us now redefine our lives by these losses and find it hard to look past them to the new memories that could possibly be made in the here and now.

The human spirit at it’s best, continues to try and find hope and love wherever it can. So many of us share one form of sadness or another at this time of year. Fortunately, many people are gradually able to look outside themselves and their grief and share part of their broken hearts with others.

Coming Home For The Holidays for some becomes the not so easy, yet doable work of meshing cherished sights and sounds with the new. Look around…there are bound to be a few friends or family members who are dealing with sadness and loss during this season that is not as joyful as it looks. They could certainly use a few encouraging words and maybe even a hug.  Hope springs eternal; love lives forever!

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