Beauty Revisited…


I have run away to the mountains yet again. In all seasons I find it breathtaking, peaceful and comfortable. For anyone who finds joy and contentment in peace and solitude, this is the place to spend a few days, a week or even more. So much to do, so little to do.

I find the ride to the cottage to be almost meditative, peeling away layers of commotion and disquietude; all of it left behind. A peace sets in the closer I get to the cottage.

IMG_1751The solitude pulls me in. The rolling hills take on a heightened stature and character as the roads wind through the landscape. Each corner brings a new surprise, an unfamiliar beauty, a alternative perspective.

I have been here before; I will be here again. That is, if I have not reached my quota of all things good and beautiful and deserved.

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2 Responses to Beauty Revisited…

  1. Gary (the Good one) says:

    I used to have a common experience at a place outside Plainfield Vermont, a little oasis in the middle of nowhere were a college roommate’s’s family lived. I have experienced what you are experiencing, and I appreciate and Live vicariously through you. Onward and upward to a ubiquitous peace. Enjoy. I look forward to seeing you soon and hearing your stories.

    • Hey Good Gary,
      There is nothing that beats alone time to get focused on the important stuff, correct?!!. Will look forward to telling you about the next book I am working on. It is evolving as we speak; being away has made all the difference. I also look forward to what is evolving with our Archangel Airborne Family. This is such an exciting time, glad to be sharing it with you and, you know, that other Gary : ))
      See you soon, Clare

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