Once Upon a Time….

It is time to write again! For a while now a growing need to do so has been welling up inside. At home, on a daily basis there has just never been enough time for anything other than a few jottings here and there; it had become almost frustrating. The need to just sit and formulate thoughts has been intensifying.

Once upon a time

So here I am in southwestern Vermont, sitting on the couch just after 7:30am, sipping a cup of tea and watching the sun gleaming on the snow as it rolls slowly down the mountain, making it’s way farther from the horizon. I bask in peacefulness other than the excitement inside that being here at this moment elicits. My oh my, life is good!

I woke up to the familiar and comfortable feeling of being in this glorious cottage in the middle of the mountains. Peace, absolute solitude and a warmth felt inside, even though it is 10 below on the other side of the window pane.

Peace and excitement are having an exchange at the moment, however. I want to jump up, take a shower and get going with the day. And then it hits me…I already am. So I sit still and soak up the beauty all around me and bask in the moment. Learning to let go yet again.

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