Changing the way I don’t think…

IMG_3830I think some of you are really going to get this, others will understand but don’t feel affected by it and then there will be some who think it makes no sense. Now, I get that, mostly because each of those points of view has crossed my mind in regard to this subject, at one time or another, depending on the circumstance or the way the wind is blowing.

Over the past few days I have been in the position to focus in order to do some meaningful work in regard to my next book, and also throw a few thoughts in the directions of a couple of other projects. You would be correct if your thought, right now, is that I might get more done if I wasn’t wasting time changing the subject and writing blogs and such. Point already taken : )

Now, I don’t know how other writers do this sort of thing, but I tend to need things to quiet down inside before I can get down to the layer of all things meaningful and creative. That’s not to say that I don’t have my moments here and there when an idea hits and all kinds of wonderfulness oozes forth onto paper. For the most part however when it comes to writing for an extended and focused period in one particular direction, I need to be fairly centered and quiet inside.

That, by the way, is why I head out of town for the most part. Away means more present, if you know what I’m saying. But lets face it distractions tend to follow you, even if you drive hundreds of miles away from them. Mine do anyway; clingy little things!

So with no one else to turn to for advice as I am faced with this dilemma, I have a chat with Eckhart Tolle, my hero in this Present Moment !

Not to simplify (although I clearly should), it all comes down to trying not to resist the Present. In this regard I have to admit I am a repeat offender of the most distracted kind. Part of the problem comes from the whole writing experience. It takes my train of thought into the past and then at times forward into the future. Since the quieting down and just ‘being’ possibilities are here in the present moment, it seems to be kind of going against the creative grain to be bouncing around in my head with thoughts to be expounded on from another place and date in time. So off on a tangent I go leaving the present moment and all the peace, quiet and creativity in the rear view mirror.

So that’s my dilemma of the hour. How’s your day going?

Oh, and incidentally I did outline 2 future books, with a lot of time into the one I have chosen to do first. The second needs a bit of research and inquiry so I’ll be gathering info over the next year or so. Also put a lot of thought into and jotted down some ideas for a talk I’m doing on March 18th and wrote an article for a local paper which I was asked to do last night. So, I truly did mean that the aforementioned dilemma was the one of the hour. All’s well in West Rupert!! Ciao!

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