Free Lemon Giveaway…

I don’t think I need to tell any of you about how life can throw you some punches. Sometimes it hands you challenges that you know you could have done without.

lemonI have been staring this realization in the eyes each morning for almost a week. I have awoken with an element of uncertainty and although I have experienced similar issues in the past, each time presents itself as a new adversary to become familiar with and to conquer.

I have had a nagging recurrent health issue that finds the most inopportune times to rear it’s ugly head. I guess we are never prepared to divert from our normal day.

I have been forced to slow down, rest, take care of #1, eat well, hydrate and keep positive. At least a couple of items on this list are among concepts that I regularly disregard.

I have been happy only in the fact that I appear, to myself anyway, to be more content or patient than on previous occasions of this illness flaring up. I’m doing what I can to take good care and then mostly letting go of anxiety and worry, staying positive and following sound medical advice.

vanilla-lemonade-sl-xSo I’m going to hang tight, take care of #1 and wait till it’s time to serve the lemonade, and….


find The Peace in Letting Go….

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