Letting go is hard…

… holding on is harder.

When major life changes occur, a million questions come to mind. I have many times wondered which is the most productive course to follow. I’m not sure! We all strive to make sense of our own reality, especially when it drastically changes. Even if it is in truth, a change from what we thought or hoped reality was.

You know how it is said that a person has never been so free from faults as when they are remembered after a loss… a death, a break-up or a life situation that you were involved in. This perception only compounds our sadness. During such times I try to unravel the reality of that, but in the analyzing comes a fair dose of pain. Sometimes I think it is better to just let the train of thought go; not so easy to do though, admittedly.

Pain comes back to haunt like no other emotion, like the stinging of an open wound. Fortunately, we have a need inside of us to heal, to understand. I believe our unconsciousletting go is not giving up goal is to let things go, but sometimes the only way to do that is by going right through the painful fire, and oh my does that hurt!

Being an over-thinker by default, although a reforming one in recent times, I find that I go back to the ruminating fairly quickly under duress. I frequently grapple with the concepts of reality and emotion and wonder how life was one way just moments, hours or days ago but when a situation throws us off the tracks emotionally, life takes on a new feel. Our thoughts, demeanor, personality become framed with sadness, anxiety or anger depending on the circumstances that have just occurred. The world, the reality of what is, has not changed, yet our perceptions of everything we look at becomes skewed.

In my mind, accepting a new situation whether good, bad, sad, devastating or whichever it might be, is the only way to get back on track. If we look at everything or at least the emotion associated with life, the thought that… “This too shall pass” is certainly a healthy perspective to adopt.


“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”

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