About Moi

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Besides writing about herself in the third person, Clare really enjoys life in general and the observing of others.  Throw in a dash of analyzing and musing on what it’s all about and she will stay amused for hours. It has been years since she started writing just for the fun of it and now believes it may have become just a bit of an obsession, in a healthy sort of way, of course! She tends to enjoy entertaining her friends with sharing of all that she feels is important, but most of all is thrilled when other’s share about themselves and what makes them tick.

Clare went to nursing school, many years ago, mostly because she has a hard time with decision making and couldn’t easily choose what she wanted to do in life. The last 32 years however have been filled with moment after moment of loving what she does as well as opportunities to pat herself on the back for a wonderful decision made.

Being a very spiritual person, Clare has always tended to think that life has put us all where we are supposed to be, on a path so to speak. She tends to accept almost all that comes at her, knowing that she learns so much from all of it, and the accepting of this always tends to bring a peace within.

She has kept journals pretty steadily, and elaborate ones at that, since her high school years. However it has only been within the last five years or so that Clare started writing in earnest. Short stories and musings on lifeʼs significant moments have made their way to the written word for her on a fairly regular basis. There have been several significant life events that initially triggered this growing passion to write.

To Dance in the Rain is Clare’s most recent work and first book. It is a recounting of the story of her daughterʼs path back to the world, following a catastrophic brain injury at the age of sixteen. It is a story of love, hope and courage.

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