Fifteen Feet of Love

One young man went off to war, as his mother stood and cried. “Please let me see him again…safe and unharmed” was a prayer she offered daily.

Part of her heart was so far away, no matter how hard she tried, to be present to the tasks at hand and a life that called out to be lived. She had no authority over a situation that may take her own son’s life. Powerless to stop such a nightmare from happening. There was no way to protect him; she knew that.

Yet, surrounded by love she was. The support and concern she felt at every turn. Prayers offered were felt; her heart soothed with the love of her friends. How could that ever be repaid.

In her suffering, God called to her, “Please give this burden to me.” 

For some time though that request was sent in vain. It was so difficult to give up that last seeming shred of control. Did she feel that if she did that, she would somehow be abandoning the child whose worries she had calmed, who’s bruises she had kissed, who’s happiness she had shared.

“I will stand watch with him now” came a voice heard deep within. Then, finally she did it, and gave it to Him…the charge of the life of her son.

If you knew her you would believe how God had to repeat several times, “Yes, I will, I know, I will be with him. It’s okay, you can leave him with me.”

So daily she prayed as the months drifted by. Her heart relieved of a burden that would have otherwise taken it’s toll.

Now, thousands of miles away on the side of a mountain a bomb dropped just in front of her son. He thought all was over, as he was dazed and disoriented; dust and shrapnel hit him in the face. As men fell around him and the cloud of dust slowly cleared, he discovered that he was among the living. A small cut on his face, a headache that would remain for days and the noise that was ringing in his ears. Surprised that he was safe, he carried on, and did what he had was sent there to do. Several men had been injured, sent home to their families, and given Purple Hearts.

As the story was recounted from the son to his mom, in the days that surrounded their reunion, he spoke of his surprise and relief to have escaped what he thought was his inevitable death. While she held him close, rejoicing from the depths of her soul, she smiled inside knowing that He had done what He had said. Looking to the heavens she thanked him again for bringing her boy back safe and unharmed.

As the bomb had exploded fifteen feet from her son, God stood there before him…shielding him with his powerful love.

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