The Journey


One day a few years back, I turned off my computer and headed out the door to go for a ride. Many a road trip has occurred over the years with the goal of relaxing and getting away from it all, always in search of peace. So on that particular day I drove a few miles up the road to the White Memorial Nature Preserve and parked my car at the side of the field. As I sat there with nature surrounding , I could feel all the noise quiet down inside; almost immediately a peace came over me, and I listened. the following are musings from that day….

After years of doing, always moving and taking just enough time to ward off insanity, something within me was calling with increasing frequency to quiet down and figure some things out. My stream of consciousness has alway been busy, exploring and delving. In addition to that, I have this life thing going on that can add to the busyness of it all on any given day. As an Emergency Department nurse a typical day can be very hectic. On a smooth day it is an all out race to get things done and move onto the next. Most days you can scarcely find enough time in the day to do what needs to be done, let alone having an extra few moments to pause and reflect. My personal life has at times been even more demanding. I have three wonderful children, now young adults who, for a variety of reasons, assure that I will require more time than many to claim my baggage in the airport of life.

Yet with all of that being true, I have always been drawn inward to a peace that I find there. While there is a heightened energy visible on the outside, inside is often a contemplative place. The sharp contrast of these facets of personality have always intrigued me. Personally, they have left me exhausted at times as I’ve waited for an opportunity to hop on the train of thought that would take me to the peaceful island just under the surface.

In recent years I have found increasing enjoyment in the act of taking pen to paper, expressing almost anything worthy of being reread. It has become the bridge between confusion and clarity, questioning and perspective, immersion and tranquility.

As one who finds meaning and peace in the expression of the experiences of life, I enjoy sharing stories on all topics, big and small, with others. I know also that we all learn through our interaction with one another each and every day. I have been blessed to have been surrounded by wise, loving and generous individuals at the times in my life when I have needed it the most. People who, through their sharing and giving of themselves, have changed my life.  Share your struggles, share your joy, share your lives with one another.

It’s true, we all need to find our own way on this journey, but don’t forget to give as well as receive hope, strength and love when you have the inkling to. Go with your heart on this one. That little voice inside isn’t chatting it up for nothing!

The following are some of my stories… I would also love to hear yours!

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